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1000ML Disposable Plastic Food Soup Bowl

This Disposable Plastic food Containers ,box body is corrugated design, looks very fashionable, and has three colors: black, red and transparent for choose.

  • Item No.:

  • Material Struture:

    100% New PP plastic
  • Product Size (mm):

  • Capacity Volume:

  • Packing:

    150 Sets
  • Carton Dimension (cm):

  • Cover:

    with Lid
  • Color:

    Transparent ; Black; Red
  • Product Detail

*Food Grade Materials-No harmful substances,uses food contact materials,high temperature resistance, 

  green environmental protection.

*Thickness & Compression Resistance- stackable without deformation

* Anti-slip Bottom Design- concave convex design at the bottom, effective anti-skid

*Box inside the use of white color, with black/Red highlight the product features.

*U-type Exhaust Hole -Vapors can be excluded to avoid expansion.

*Cover Well With A Click- A click, the prompt has been covered with a tight sound.

*Disposable round food bowl suitable for food trucks,restaurants,at a party or packing for lunch.

Product Name

1000ML Disposable Plastic Food Soup Bowl


100% New PP plastic


Black tray AndGold lid / Customized as required


Tray: 155*95mm

Lid: 155*15mm






Stacking And Freezer safe.


Take away food


Sushi,salmon,Sashimi,cake,mousse,dessert, fruit, food packaging


Free,Freight Collect

1000ML Disposable Plastic Food Soup Bowl

Disposable Plastic Food Bowl

Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl With Lid

Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl Wholesale

Disposable PP Soup Bowl Manufacturer

Disposable Food Bowl With Lid

Disposable Takeaway Plastic Soup Bowl

China Disposable Plastic Food Bowl Supplier

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