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1000ML Disposable Microwavable Multi Meal Prep Containers

Disposable Rectangle Meal Prep Containers with 3 Compartments With Lid. Use our 3 compartment meal prep containers to pack food and meals with ease. Our food prep container is sure to be of amazing help in multiple situations and with the 3 containers they are amazing for portion control.

  • Item No.:

  • Material Struture:

    100% New PP plastic
  • Product Size (mm):

  • Capacity Volume:

  • Packing:

    150 Sets
  • Carton Dimension (cm):

  • Cover:

    with Lid
  • Color:

    Transparent ; Black
  • Product Detail

*Microwave / Freezer /Multipack Disposable Food Storage 3-Compartment Container.

*Quality meets practicality in our food container design. 

*Our food containers are made of safe plastic material.

*Save space, time & money as the super practical design is stackable and reusable. 

Additionally, enjoy your meals hot or cold as the food prep container is microwavable and freezer safe. 

Wash conveniently in your dishwasher,these are dishwasher safe food containers with lids.

*Packing your kids lunch made easy. Prepare food and store it in these safe food containers.

No more headaches on where you’ll pack your kids’ lunches. Additionally, prepare your kids favorite meals, 

pack and go out for a picnic! Ideal for storing leftovers too!

Product Name

Disposable Microwavable Multi Meal Prep Containers


100% New PP plastic


Transparent, Black container tray And Transparent lid






3-compartent / Customized as required


Eco-friendly, Microwavable,Keep Fresh,Freezer Safe


Take away food


Food,Lunch,Noodles,Salad,Fruit,Corn kernels,Sushi,Bento


Free,Freight Collect

Multi Compartment Lunch Boxes

China Disposable Meal Prep Containers

Disposable Microwavable Multi Meal Prep Containers

Disposable Multi Compartment Lunch Box Supplier

Disposable Plastic Multi Compartment Food Containers

Eco Friendly Disposable Lunch Box Manufacturer

Customized Multi Compartment Food Containers

Disposable Food Storage 3-Compartment Lunch Boxes

Disposable Food Storage Lunch Boxes

Disposable Food Storage Lunch Boxes With Lid

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