Best Eco Friendly Food Storage Containers

  • 2021-08-30 09:58:39

Eco-Friendly Paper Bowls & Lids

We can all do beter when it comes to reducing our use of disposable convenience items,like coffee cups and takeaway containers.Rather than opting for plastic, eco friendly and biodegradable disposable food packing is a much better solution for you and for the environment.

In an ideal world, we’d always remember to bring along our own insulated coffee cup, let alone have the time to spare to sit down at the café and enjoy sipping straight from the mug. The reality is demand for takeaway convenience items continues to exist. Therefore, sustainable food packaging offers a better choice for your business and your customers.

Biodegradable Clamshell Food Containers

Explore across our whole range of eco-friendly food packaging at Shi You eco-friendly food containers and you’ll find that our options cater to just about every kind of food vendor and restaurateur. No matter what cuisine you’re serving up, there’s a sustainable takeaway container to suit you.

Not only do biodegradable clamshell food containers make your burgers and sandwiches look more appetising, they also help to identify your business as being committed to making more environmentally friendly choices. At a time when our collective concern for the environment is greater than it has ever been, step out and do the right thing for your business and our planet now. Make the switch to eco friendly food packaging, we can help you with all the supplies you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Disposable Kraft Paper Food Containers

Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Say no more to the plastic fork! Perhaps the most dangerous of the disposable food packaging options in existence for all its sharp edges and tendencies to snap, plastic cutlery really shouldn’t be going anywhere near your mouth anymore. Instead, replace it with eco-friendly disposable wooden cutlery and keep your customers satisfied while on the go.

It makes sense that customers choose your business expecting a meal made from 100% real, wholesome, natural ingredients. Why can’t we hold the same expectations for our food packaging? At home, we don’t eat baked beans straight from the can or put milk directly into the cereal packet, so why eat takeaway food from plastic containers? With eco-friendly food packaging, you know that you’re eating off a clean and natural surface, much like when you’re using a ceramic bowl or silverware. It just makes sense that your takeaway food should sit on top of non-toxic, non-harmful food packaging materials.

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