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  • 2022-12-15 15:16:17

Generally speaking, there are four materials for commodity packaging: paper, glass, metal and plastic. Paper products packaging has always been popular with the public because of its low price, safety and sanitation, good printing adaptability, and recyclability. As an important means of information transmission, the packaging and decoration design of paper products requires perfect unity of words, patterns, composition and colors, so as to impress consumers and achieve the purpose of promotion.

The important factors of paper product packaging design are as follows:

1. Selection of materials

Packaging materials for paper products are generally divided into paper and cardboard. Paper with a thickness of less than 0.11mm is called "paper". As the four great inventions of China, paper has made great contributions to the development of world civilization! Paper cups with a thickness of more than 0.1mm and a weight that meets certain requirements are called "cardboard". The designer will choose appropriate materials for packaging according to the characteristics of the content, which is the first step of decoration design.

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2. Structure

The common types of paper containers are paper boxes, paper bags, corrugated boxes, etc. When designing the packaging structure of paper products, we should comply with the principles of convenient transportation, carrying and sales, such as designing various products such as special-shaped boxes, handhold cartons, etc., to ensure that our structural design conforms to the use habits of consumers.

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3. Printing process

The printing process of paper products includes offset printing, flexographic printing, intaglio factor and screen printing. Designers will choose different printing methods according to the characteristics of the product itself. Each printing method will have its own characteristics to adapt to a certain material and packaging structure. For example, flexography factor is more suitable for abstract and exaggerated design patterns, while intaglio printing is suitable for bronzing process.

In general, the future trend of paper product decoration design is green, ecological and energy-saving. We will also make more efforts to innovate and develop new design methods in this regard.

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