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Disposable Plastic Cutlery Packets

Disposable plastic utensils for heavier or denser foods,Made of food grade material; flexible and break resistant.Black or transparent color for easy coordinating with other black utensils and most tableware, surrounding decor, and party decorations.Ideal for cafes, food trucks, parties, and other types of food service.

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    Transparent ; Black
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*FULL SET! - This set includes a knife, fork, spoon, napkin and salt and pepper packets so you can 

provide your guests with everything they need to enjoy their meal! Great for quick grab-and-go applications,

this wrapped cutlery pack is a cleaner alternative to unwrapped plasticware. Plus, since it's all disposable, 

you won't have to worry about collecting and cleaning silverware at the end of meal service.

*INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - Each kit is wrapped in a plastic package. This is more sanitary than having 

bulk packaging. Customers and staff are able to grab what they need without touching the cutlery directly.

*MEDIUM WEIGHT CONSTRUCTION - Made of medium weight polypropylene, each piece of cutlery is 

built to hold up throughout the entire meal to help minimize breakage, bending, and snapping for 

a hassle-free dining experience. The classic Black color also complements any decor for added versatility

*1-PLY NAPKIN - In addition to the cutlery provided in this pack,adinner napkin is also included for 

guests to use throughout their meal.

*SALT / PEPPER PACKETS - Guests will appreciate the ability to add seasoning to their to-go meals 

with these salt and pepper packets.

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Disposable Plastic Cutlery Packets

Plastic Cutlery Packets

Disposable Plastic Cutlery Sets

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