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Disposable Platter Sushi Trays

The JEYOU sushi tray with lid is suitable for using in any display case or delivery services.
To present your craft perfectly in the sushi container, the transparent and anti-fogging lid is necessary. It means there are not easily forming drips on lid keeping it transparency.
We can made sushi container in PS or PET materials, depends on your need. Furthermore, you can bespoke your own color for your packaging.

  • Item No.:

  • Material Struture:

    Tray: PS ; Lid: OPS
  • Product Size (mm):

    Tray: 237*115*39 ; Lid: 240*120*39
  • Packing:

    300 sets/carton
  • Carton Dimension (cm):

  • Cover:

    With lid
  • Color:

    Refer To Prints In Various Colors OR Customized
  • Product Detail

*Food grade material and food safety

*Elegant shape

*Recyclable material – PS or PET material

*3 shape and size available

Product Name

 Disposable Platter Sushi Trays


100% Sustainable Materials and Compostable


Black tray And Transparent lid / Customized as required







1compartent / Customized as required


Stacking And Freezer safe.


Take away food


Sushi,salmon, cake, dessert, fruit, food packaging


Free,Freight Collect

Disposable Salmon Platter

Disposable Platter Sushi Trays

Disposable Platter Sushi Containers

Disposable PS Material Platter Sushi Trays

Disposable Platter Sushi Trays Manufacturer

Disposable Platter Sushi Box With Lid

Disposable Platter Sushi Box supplier

Customized Platter Sushi Box supplier

Platter Sushi Box With Lids Supplier

Disposable Sushi Containers

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