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Disposable takeaway round soup container

Disposable 700ml round soup container with Lid for take away / stoarge / subpackage food , a good partner of your life .

  • Item No.:

  • Material Struture:

    100% New PP Plastic
  • Product Size (mm):

  • Capacity Volume:

  • Packing:

    450 Sets
  • Carton Dimension (cm):

  • Cover:

    With air outlet lid and Without air outlet lid
  • Color:

    Transparent; Black ,White
  • Product Detail

* 700ML transparent round food containers with transparent lid

* PP new material is healthy , nontoxic ,harmless ,meet the environment green packaging requirements

* Good sealing can better prevent leakage and keep smell when store in refrigerator

* Allow to safely reheat and store leftover

* Porous injection molding one-piece molding , uniform material ,exquisite and beautiful , smooth edeg 

   without hurting hands 

Product Name

Disposable takeaway round soup container


100% New PP plastic


Transparent, White




Small Round


1 compartent


Keep Fresh, Refrigerated & Microwavable,-20℃~110℃ safe


Take away food


Fired rice , Soup , Noodles , Salad , Corn kernels , Fruit


Free,Freight Collect

Disposable clear round soup container

Disposable plastic round food container

Disposable clear meal prep food container

Disposable take away round food container with lid

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