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Eco-friendly Carry Cup Holders

Pulp Fiber Drink Carrier Tray is made of molded pulp fiber material. Eco-friendly carry holder for Hot and Cold drinks,easy to pack.There are have two different capacity,2- cup holders and 4-cup holders,very suitable for milk tea shop, coffee shop, cold drink shop, dessert house.

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    2-Cup Holders,4-Cup Holders
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    Customized Packaging
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    Customized Packaging
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*Ideal Size Drink Tray- The length of every cup carrier is 8 1/2 inches; width is 8 1/2 inches and height 

is 1 3/4 inches.You get pack of these great fit in cup trays.

*Accommodates Four Cups/Containers Easily - The sturdy and multi compartment design of these 

biodegradable pulp cup carrier allows you to carry four cups or containers ranging from 8-32 oz. 

The bottom diameter of cup must be 2 5/8" or less to properly fit in the compartment.

*Simple & Sturdy Design Cup Holders for Takeout - Simple beige color design, use of molded fiber 

and flat, carton-style of this 4 cup carrier ensures that the beverages get ample support when you 

transport them from one place to the another. An awesome togo cup holder for restaurant and 

businesses. There are no spillage issues, ever!

*Eco-Friendly Disposable Cup Holders For Drinks - The search for an ideal coffee carrier and 

biodegradable cup holder ends with these drink carriers as they are made from compostable, 

biodegradable and recycled molded pulp fiber.

*Multipurpose Togo Cup Holders - Each 4 cup drink carrier is suited for transporting any kind of 

hot or cold beverages. A carry out drink tray for a hot coffee to chilled soda, every beverage 

is easy to transport. They are easy to stackable too.

Eco-friendly Carry Cup Holder

Pulp Fiber Drink Carrier Tray

Eco-friendly Carry Holder for Hot and Cold Drinks

Biodegradable Stackable Cups Containers

Biodegradable Cups Containers

Takeout Eco-friendly Carry Cup Holder

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Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message and your name here,we will reply you as soon as possible.

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