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Disposable Round Food Bowls

A spokesperson from the disposable tableware industry association told: “We recently had a very productive meeting withSHIYOU Eco-friendly food containers Co.,ltd.and made it very clear that only expanded polystyrene food containers are in scope for these market restrictions and that we would be engaging fully on plans for food containers more broadly at a later date.

ndeed, going forward there could be wider bans. Single-use plastic cups and food containers will be the subject of

“consumption reduction” targets in years to come.

But for the time being the focus is on a list of nine items or materials. To recap, these are:

1.Single-use plastic cutlery
2.Single-use plastic plates
3.Single-use plastic straws
4.Single-use plastic beverage stirrers
5.Single-use food containers made of expanded polystyrene
6.Single-use cups and other beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, including their covers and lids
7.All oxo-degradable products
8.Single-use plastic cotton bud sticks

9.Single-use plastic balloon sticks.

Single-use plastics, don’t forget, include those that are fossil-based and bio-based, regardless of whether they are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

This, shiyou reckons, could see all soup containers, food cartons, salad boxes, deli containers, sandwich platters and sushi trays banned. Basically, the food-to-go sector would be left with “bagasse clamshells and plates”, the company noted in its response to the meeting consultation.

And this couldn’t come at a worse time for food service – a sector that has been floored by covid-19 and which is becoming increasingly reliant on takeaway models.

Shiyou didn’t kick up a fuss about that consultation but, again, this doesn’t mean that single-use plastic bowl for takeaway soups or containers for chow mein in front of the computer are the targets for this round of market restrictions.

So don’t panic.As a producer of compostable disposable packaging Shiyou is of course within its rights to fight its corner in the face of tightening legislation around packaging.

But this move had little purpose other than to deliver some PR and panic some of the sector unnecessarily.

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