• 2021-11-05 17:42:02
If your products are on the shelf in a store, then your packaging may be the first time you get to communicate with your customers and could be the difference between a sale and nothing at all. So, with a keen eye on what the experts have had to say, we’ve rounded up some of the most important eco-friendly and healthy packaging trends that your business should be taking note of in 2021.

Let them know it’s sustainable – Recycling and sustainability is an important factor for consumers who want to see brands doing the right thing and using environmentally friendly packaging. If your packaging is recycled, biodegradable or sustainable then make this clear on your label and make it known that your business supports eco-friendly initiatives.

Incite interaction – Mobile interaction is becoming more and more crucial in the conversation between consumer and brand, and can be utilised in every aspect of your business – including packaging. Printing hashtags and social handles on your packaging is great for promoting brand awareness online, while QR codes can give your customers extra information on things like nutrition, additives and preservatives, and your business’s carbon footprint. The more information you can offer them, the less they will think you have to hide.

Make it clear – Transparent packaging gives consumers the chance to see exactly what they are getting, helping to stop any surprises after purchase. This is particularly evident for juices and smoothies where customers like to see the colours and texture of the beverage before making their mind up. For health conscious consumers, transparent packaging is a particularly important, allowing them to check the freshness and quality of the food they are buying. In order to be sure that your transparent packaging is eco-friendly then we suggest choosing RPET or PLA, or alternatively, opt for paper packaging with a clear window.

Keep it clean – While consumers are demanding more nutritional information about what they are buying, they are also turning their backs on cluttered labels. 58% of UK consumers regularly check information about ingredients and nutrition and over 75% watch out for artificial preservatives. Make sure you include this information on your packaging, but keep it concise and engaging. This is especially important when creating packaging for children’s’ food and drink; parents have plenty of factors to consider when selecting food and drink for their children so having all of the information they need (sugar and sweetener content, additives and overall health benefits) in one quick and easy table will save them time and give them all the more reason to choose your product.

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