Whether The Plastic Food Containers Can Be Heated?

  • 2022-01-14 15:37:10

See the logo at the bottom to judge whether the plastic food boxes can be heated.

Disposable PP Food Containers

Generally, there is a triangular mark on the plastic food containers which is marked with different numbers 1-7, representing different materials and the heat-resistant temperature of the food containers. If the plastic food containers can be heated, just look at this sign.

Among the seven types, only the plastic food box marked with the number 5 can be heated in the microwave oven. Its component is polypropylene, which can resist heat at 120℃. When selecting plastic food boxes, if you see the sign of "5" in the bottom triangle, this kind of plastic food boxes can be heated in the microwave oven, but you still have to choose brand plastic food boxes to ensure the quality.

Fujian Shiyou Eco-friendly Food Containers Co.,Ltd. special note: if there is no such sign on the cover of the plastic lunch box, the cover must be removed when heating. When cleaning this kind of plastic lunch box, do not use sharp things to prevent scratching the plastic surface, which will produce bad chemicals when heated.

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