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Disposable Food Boxes

Disposable plastic food containers for convenience foods

As the lives of consumers generally become busier and more of their time is spent ‘on-the-go’, the demand for disposable takeaway food packaging is constantly growing. Plastic food tubs are the staple of the convenience food packaging industry, and with good reason. Plastic is usually the first choice for convenience food packaging because it is lightweight and shatterproof, making it safe and easy to transport. Plastic food tubs are particularly appropriate as they have press on lids, which are quick and easy to open, without the need for scissors. They can also be made in a wide range of sizes, which makes them perfect for single food portions and snacks, up to full meal sizes.

One of the concerns that people have with plastic food packaging, of any kind, is whether it contains bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a chemical that is used to toughen plastic. The problem with BPA is that it has been linked to a number of health risks and, when containers are heated, it can leach into foods. The good news is that our food grade polypropylene (PP) Plastic food containers do not contain BPA, so they’re safe for food. Additional advantages of our food tubs including being leak-proof, tamper evident and recyclable. We supply a variety of shapes and sizes of food tubs, for optimal consumer convenience.

Disposable Soup Containers With Lid

Round plastic foodcontainers

Our round plastic food containers are both microwave and freezer safe. They are made from transparent polypropylene plastic, allowing for optimal visibility, perfect for displaying takeaway foods. Round containers allow food to be heated more evenly than other shapes of container, so they are well suited to convenience foods that need to be microwaved. We have seventeen sizes of round food pot to choose from, starting at 1000ml, right up to 2.5litres in capacity. As well as having tamper evident lids, the larger food tubs also come with a convenient carrying handle.
Our round plastic food containers are suitable for a wide range of food businesses. They are ideal for selling food at delicatessens and canteens, event catering, food halls, groceries, supermarkets and fast food restaurants and takeaways. From small snacks, such as fruit, nuts, olives, dips and confectionery; to side dishes of spring rolls, samosas, falafel, vegetables and sushi, up to full size meals including curries, pasta, salads and soups; we have a size of food pot to suit every food type.

Disposable Plastic Lunch Boxes

Square, rectangular and oval food containers

As with the round food tubs, our square,rectangular and oval shaped plastic food containers come with tamper evident lids as standard. Although they are microwavable and dishwasher safe, these shaped food containers are well suited to either cold or pre-heated foods that do not require further re-heating (food in the corners of tubs can sometimes burn more easily when microwaved). Sizes include: 500ml, 750ml, 1 litres, 1.2 litres, 1.5 litres, and 2.0 litres. Most of our shaped containers are made from natural (semi-transparent) polypropylene. They are ideal for catering supplies and food products, such as ice cream, salads, sandwich spreads, sweets, chocolates, cooking ingredients and much more.

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